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Apparel Division

We propose plans of OEM goods for apparel makers.

We can offer an integrated manufacturing system standardized from design, sample, sewing through to finished products.

For design planning, we own skills that can provide design that exact customers desire.

With our captive factory in China, we are also able to bring you the clothes, which meets your demands, such as not only fashionable, but also comfortable and functional clothes.


We provide the service from planning to sewing with our own marketing research. We can cover all fashion scene for all generation.

1,Design Meeting

Having meeting with our samples and decide the design.


2, Materials, Accessories, Colors

With our own worldwide network, we can search variety kinds of materials, accessories, and colors. We can also manage to procurement rare and custom-made.


3, Samples

Producing samples in China. Our staffs instruct and control directly local factory, so we can manage the delivery date and high quality as well as the samples made in Japan.


4, Estimation

Starting inspection for cloth and accessories when we got orders received.


5, Producing in China

At factory in China (Suzhou Hand Win Garment Co., Ltd.), we manufacture products. Our staffs are keen on focusing about manufacturing process and quality.


6, Inspection, forwarding

The biggest reason in overseas production is poor inspection. We do have staff who attend all inspection to maintain high standard. Thus we can provide only sophisticated products.


7, Export custom clearance, transportation

We arrange the transportation procedures. The products are shipped to Japan by ship or air.


8, Import custom clearance, delivery

After the products are carrying in warehouse, we start the import procedures. Then, bring to the customer’s appointed place.

Apparel Division


684 Hamano-cho Chuo-ku Chiba city

Chiba pref JPN , 260-0824

Tel: 81-43-264-7111

Fax: 81-43-264-7115

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