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Safety and Efficiency


We provide the best transportation and delivery system which brings you ideal distribution. The transport needs is diversified and we can organize dedicated trucks for those situations.

For Corporate Social Responsibility, we are registered as a “ Excellent Safety Standards ” by Japan Trucking Association andas “Green Management  (which means business operation with low environmental load)” in the trucking business by Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation.

For the safety, National Motor Truck Transportation Business Rationalization Operation Implementing Agency (Japan Trucking Association) assigned us as a Excellent Safety Standards starting on January 1st 2008. Nowadays, the safety is of importance and influences the decision to choose the transportation company. Japan Trucking Association determines this institution to make the safety appear to the customer. This helps the customer to make the best decision to work with. The statement of “ Excellent Safety Standards ” shows that we provide the best and right transportation and delivery system.

For the environment, Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation assigned us as ”Green Management.” Green Management means that the management of aiming the less environmental burden. We are regarded as “Green Management” which means we are in action for improving environment continuously and proactively.







Excellent Safety Standards         Green Management


Steal materials, Chemicals, and Precincts carriage,

We manage those transport with the best safety and efficiently.


We own many kinds of trucks to coordinate every situation. Thus we are able to deliver your cargo to any place in Japan with variety transport system and safety.

For explosives and combustibles, the drivers are trained for special safety education which includes risk prediction, pointing and calling, and skill training. They also do a case study, analyze and manage operating for amended constitution and deregulation. We choose a person as a safety and health supervisor to have meetings that can cover individual training level. Through these meetings, we maintain the high level of safety standards.


Variation of trucks implement cost down.


Our specialty is rationalization and optimization that are based on our experience. We own many kinds of trucks such as Wing Body, Tanker, Trailer, and so on. We are now adding larger trucks that bring us more efficiency.

Our group company (tires and equipmentfactory) is propelling consolidation of corporations and manning which is one of the plans to improve.


We declare that we are continuously supporting to our customer by planning transportation system and building relationships between us.


Cargos: Steel materials, Heavy and long load, Railway cargos, Machines, Oils and fats,

                Chemical polyester ingredients, Container, Building materials


Number of Trucks: 130

Domestic Freight

 Logistics Division

Oihama Office:

1, Niihama-cho, Chuou-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba-pref,JPN 

TEL: 81-43-262-4315

FAX: 81-43-263-0874


Ichihara Office:

3-2, Goikanasugi, Ichihara-city,


TEL: 81-436-21-4411

FAX: 81-436-21-9341


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