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Our services

Domestic Freight

Safety and Efficiency. This is the principle for our inland logistic department. We provide the best transportation and delivery system which brings you ideal distribution. The transport needs is diversified and we can organize dedicated trucks for those situations.

For Corporate Social Responsibility, we are registered as a “ Safe Excellent Establishment” by Japan Trucking Association anda“Green Management  (which means business operation with low environmental load)” in the trucking business by Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation.

Apparel Division

We propose plans of OEM goods for apparel makers by providing contract manufacturing services to leading OEMs. We can offer an integrated manufacturing system standardized from design, sample, sewing through to finished products.

With our captive factory in China, we are also able to bring you the clothes which meets your demands, such as not only fashionable, but also comfortable and functional clothes.


China Factory

In the end of 1990, Suzhou Hand Win Garment Co., foundedas an exclusive factory for our apparel department in Jiangsu Taicang. We produce Knitwear, Cut and Sew, and the others which are exported to Japan and sold. Over the 20 years, our factory has become not only manufacturing but also processing management plant. We are aiming to achieve our customer’s satisfaction with our high quality material and persuade to maintain high-level quality assurance.



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